Company History:


From the beginning, it all came down to this: If you want a successful entertainment company you have to have the staff to do just that. Jeremy Austin, Live The Party’s founder and lead DJ, decided to build a company based around “his” type of DJ.


That is a person who is amazing at what they do, loves their work and takes great pride in a job done right. And while that’s a good start, it’s not enough… Jeremy wanted to ensure that the people who represented the Live The Party name would be honest, mature, knowledgeable, courteous and totally dependable. Sadly, that type of professional doesn’t come along every day. Luckily, he met Dan Carter!


Because Jeremy and Dan realized how important attracting and earning the loyalty of such qualified individuals is, when one comes along, you make sure they are happy and satisfied. Enter Harry Wages and Greg Mills... At Live The Party, the line between business and friendship has been erased. We “Live The Party” together, that’s why we’re a family and not just a business.


Live The Party gives every client 110%. We invite our clients into our family and truly care about them. We appreciate what your special occasion means to you, your friends, and your family who will share that special day with you. We want to be the company that you keep coming back to for every special occasion in your life!

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